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DTS B66161 B3ZRM CW centrifugal pump
DTS-B66161 B3ZRM CW threaded packing

DTS-B66161 B3ZRM CW threaded packing

The DTS-B66161 is a B3ZRM CW, rope packing style Water Pump is a 4″x 3″ Centrifugal Frame Mounted Water Pump used on most On-Road, 2K and 4K Water Trucks. This pump has Female Pipe Threads on both the suction and discharge side, and at 2500 RPM performs at a rate up to 750 GPM at 65 PSI. When driven directly via PTO, this pump is primarily used for trucks with Automatic Transmissions. Hydraulic Drive is also available by adding a Hydraulic Coupler, DTS-B07779


  • Manufacturer: DTS Water Truck Parts
  • Manufacturer’s Product Number: DTS-B66161